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09 April 2008 @ 02:45 pm
Workbook, playdough, immunizations & library items  
We will send Keith to kindergarten this year so we try more to maintain some exposures to academic subjects (by using workbooks) that Keith already has got from his previous preschool daycare in Chicago (his current preschool is a non academic preschool). It's a perfect timing for me since it means less prep time ;)

Some of the TV shows that he currently likes to watch over and over are: The Magic School Bus, The adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Ni Hao Kai-Lan and Max & Ruby.

He doesn't usually asked to buy toys, but he always wants to buy $1 tinny tiny airplane every time we go to Le Asia and recently when we went to Target, he asked for Air Hogs Radio-Congrolled Nano Hawk airplane to replace his controller chopper (the same brand).

Last week Keith got 3 shoots of immunization (his new peds disagreed with the suggested 6 shoots requested by one of the school district staffs). He doesn't usually cry but the TB/Mantoux test was extra painful for him, he said that shot was itchy so he cried. Poor thing...

I ordered some of his work booksduring a clearance at schoolspecialtypublishing.com and  we got the School Zone's Write and Reuse books when we went for an oil change at Walmart. We also got a duffel bag by Play-doh at Walmart. Keith has spent endless time playing with the play dough set.

Here are some pic

Having fun so far

Looking ecstatic every time he thought he did a great job with the work books

Play-Doh time!!

Making spaghetti

Making instant space rocket with the power of imagination lol

Library items we checked out recently:
Alphabet jam [CD] : songs & rhymes to build
Bunny party / Rosemary Wells
Max's chocolate chicken / Rosemary Wells
The Tickleoctopus / by Audrey Wood
Reader Rabbit's complete learn to read system
Reader Rabbit's complete learn to read system
Reader Rabbit's complete learn to read system
Two eggs, please / written by Sarah Weeks
Quacky quack-quack! / written by Ian Whybrow
Moss pillows / Rosemary Wells.
Mrs. McNosh and the great big squash
A nap in a lap / Sarah Wilson
Piggies / written by Don and Audrey Wood
Sun sand sea sail / Nicki Weiss.
Tough cookie / David Wisniewski.
Father Fox's pennyrhymes.
This next New Year / Janet S. Wong
"More more more" said the baby : 3 love stories
Hey, Al / story by Arthur Yorinks
Off we go! / by Jane Yolen
If dinosaurs came to town / Dom Mansell.

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ckristantockristanto on April 10th, 2008 12:36 pm (UTC)
Keith udah gede bener ya, udah mau K pula. Gua kira dia baru bakal mulai th depan krn umurnya beda 1 th sama Tasha. Di sana cut off datenya beda ya, Ke ?

Btw, foto2 elo tajem bener gambarnya ? lensanya yg canggih atau resolutionnya gede ?
kitoratorakitoratora on April 10th, 2008 04:53 pm (UTC)
Iya Cin, cut off datenya beda ama di IL, di sini cut off datenya tgl Dec 2. Tasha th ini 1st grade ya Cin?

Thank you Cin, lightingnya even aja kali or exposurenya yg bikin gitu (gue seneng set exposurenya 2 f stop di atas correct exposure supaya lebih terang)or emang Canon gitu kayaknya lebih contrast, tapi akibatnya kalo ada shadow sedikit bisa jadi hard shadow ...
ckristantockristanto on April 10th, 2008 08:15 pm (UTC)
Tasha baru masuk K th ini, Ke. Cut off datenya Sept 1. Jd dia kehilangan ampir 1 th.

cara tau set exposurenya diatas yg correct gimana caranya ? elo pake yg manual ya, Ke ? tau correct exp-nya gimana ? sorry kalo pertanyaannya kaya orang bego :)
kitoratorakitoratora on April 10th, 2008 08:25 pm (UTC)
Ooya? gue mikirnya Tasha dah K sekarang... berasanya anak elo udah jauh lebih tua dari anak gue siy yah. Ternyata cuman beda 1 th Tasha ama Keith.

Iya pake manual setting yah Cin... jadi elo meter pake kamera lo lightingnya, meterannya tuh yg angkanya -2 sampe +2. Elo Goggle deh ttg correct exposure. Penjelasannya macem2 tinggal cari yg elo cocok and gue sendiri enggak pinter jelasin :)